Our credibility matters down the line.

We’ve been helping clients for a long time and maybe we could get away with selling bogus products maybe once, maybe twice.

But it would catch up to us, and the Internet never forgets.

Our credibility as a reputable online provider of medical and mental health care services is based upon our client’s trust.

And that’s crucial to our success.

Our reviews

Andreea C
Andreea C
20:14 29 Jul 20
I am a very happy returning customer. The highest superlatives to describe ESAD, their team and service would not suffice. The positive difference they have made in my life is indescribable. I highly recommend ESAD to anyone who is qualified for an ESA. They are professional, knowledgeable, they don’t cut corners and the service is outstanding. Thank you once again Chaz & Team!!!
Saad Siddiqui
Saad S.
17:36 22 Jul 20
This is the second year I have used ESA Doggy and it has been a great experience again. My letters last year with my new ESA allowed us to travel hassle free via airplane flights and to hotels. Great therapy sessions with real licensed clinicians that ask proper questions to truly assess our needs and provide proper letters that meet legal requirements. Just did my second year of letters and Chaz and the clinician were extremely helpful again, professional, with quick responses and excellent customer service! It means a lot to have a proper legitimate service that helps me to have my ESA, whom I need a lot, to be with me when I travel for work & pleasure. Thanks a lot Chaz and the entire team! Stay safe and well!
Jessie Guglielmo
Jessie G.
17:59 19 Jul 20
I received almost an immediate response after purchasing. Chaz does a phenomenal job at overseeing the process and is very passionate and knowledgeable!! The website/communication portal are secure and very convenient to professionally send updates or ask questions. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family.
Kari Schilling
Kari S.
17:39 13 Jul 20
I cannot recommend ESA Doggy enough. They were responsive, efficient and made the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible. The therapist I spoke with was very compassionate and helpful. After speaking with her, I felt better prepared to travel and much more relaxed knowing that I would have my dog with me. The letter was extremely helpful at the airport and everything went completely smoothly and effortlessly. Our letter came in handy again with our short-term lease at our new location, saving us a $500 pet deposit fee. For what it saved in stress, anxiety and money, this service was worth every penny and then some!
Zifan Kang
Zifan K.
19:41 09 Jul 20
Mayra Moreno
Mayra M.
01:23 27 Jun 20
I’m very happy with the services provided, my expectations and needs were met in every sense. Chad was great I’m answering my questions! I definitely recommend and will use again if I were to need it.
Aleisha Beckum
Aleisha B.
18:13 25 Jun 20
Very responsive team and took care of what I needed quickly! Definitely recommend
Brittany Mueller
Brittany M.
16:29 23 Jun 20
They connected me with a local mental health provider who conducted the "assessment" virtually to ensure the letter is legitimate in my state. Very responsive, quick, and thorough. I completed the screener, ordered, and got my letter all within a week's time. Highly recommend!
Adam Desai
Adam D.
15:58 23 Jun 20
Great work and the team is quick to respond and helpful with all questions
Larry Hill
Larry H.
18:21 08 Jun 20
Chaz is awesome. Very professional & was genuinely concerned for my situation. In less than a week he found a mental health provider in my area. I got my letter 2 days after my appointment, and I am thrilled. An added benefit is that now I have a therapist I am able to see when I need to. I am indebted to Chaz & ESADoggy!
Kate Coyle
Kate C.
18:19 05 Jun 20
ESA Doggy exceeded BEYOND my expectations! I was on a time crunch scrambling all over the web trying to find a legitimate company who could provide me an ESA letter suitable for my apartment community, and luckily we came across this highly professional business! Chaz was super knowledgable and informative about every aspect of the process and he went above and beyond to get my family a PROFESSIONAL ESA letter in a very quick amount of time! Thank you Chaz!!
Davida Johnson
Davida J.
19:23 25 May 20
Jenna Moldowsky
Jenna M.
00:41 19 May 20
I’m so grateful I found ESDA Intl. Both Chaz and the doctor that I worked with were very professional and responsive. I had my letter within a couple of days and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend this service!
Amanda Lynch
Amanda L.
18:10 18 May 20
The process with ESA doggy was simple, straight forward and professional. The manager is a kind man who is a good listener.
SydForFitness Sydney
SydForFitness S.
19:32 16 May 20
I experienced a bit of a wait for my appointment call, but received my letter the following day. Chaz has been very friendly and professional. Thank you!
sonja moran
sonja M.
20:46 15 May 20
If it was possible to rate this service 6 stars I would. Very professional, very receptive to all requests and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend ESAD
Daniel Sosa
Daniel S.
20:25 14 May 20
My experience was great. Maria made me feel very comfortable and she was very professional. Highly recommend them.
Jonah Haven
Jonah H.
10:11 14 May 20
everything went smoothly and I'm very happy with the service! The one suggestion i would give is to have an international phone number accessible to those overseas. As I currently live in Germany, I had several questions before purchasing that I would have preferred to have been answered on the phone. Anyway, thank you!
Kayla Kocur
Kayla K.
17:28 11 May 20
They were great. Very accommodating. I had gotten bad new last minute and resorted to esadoggy and they were very helpful in getting what i needed in time to fly home with my dog.
Lisa Vogt
Lisa V.
17:02 09 May 20
This was a positive experience for me. They were very responsive, professional, prompt and kind.
Shelby Holbert
Shelby H.
14:53 08 May 20
Had a great experience from them getting my dog and my cat ESA certified! My online therapist is the one who recommended me to them, and I see why! The whole experience was quick and easy & Chaz was super helpful! I highly recommend ESAD International to get your animals ESA certified!
VERONICA Hernandez
16:02 07 May 20
Miky Hernandez
Miky H.
14:12 07 May 20
Kelsey Miller
Kelsey M.
01:32 07 May 20
I was a little nervous to go through the process. I read so many incredible reviews about this group that I decided to take a leap of faith! Chaz as well as the Dr. that I worked with were so incredible. Chaz truly takes the time to be of service and help whenever you need it! The Dr. I paired with was truly incredible. She was super welcoming, easy to talk to, and provided so many resources! So happy I found this group. They’re the best!
Brad Bieber
Brad B.
18:21 29 Apr 20
Great experience with Ms Stacy and the overall process. Trustworthy. Knowledgeable. And streamlined. Would certainly recommend their services.
Cindy Edwards
Cindy E.
16:11 27 Apr 20
I worked with another company, but it didn’t work out. EASD was able to provide an appointment and papers quickly. The social worker I spoke to was very kind and caring.
Charlie G.
Charlie G.
12:12 27 Apr 20
Best service ever, specially for us veterans. i appreciate you guys helping me and my pup out! thank you, this is the second time i have used them and honestly they have helped and guided me in every step of the way. very professional and cordial, i highly recommend them. thank you.
Eddie C
Eddie C
19:47 21 Apr 20
Super transparent, responsive, and clear. I couldn't ask for more!
Stefanie Jacangelo
Stefanie J.
18:36 21 Apr 20
My psychiatrist had recommended them , and I wasn’t disappointed. within a few days I was able to get the letter I needed for my cats to be emotional support pets. The doctor I was set up with was super nice and professional. I highly recommend this website for anyone who wants to get their animal certified as an emotional support animal
Holly Jensen
Holly J.
14:26 15 Apr 20
Amazing! The guys I talk to where so nice and expedited my letter! I had a blond moment with the payment part, when I reached out, I immediately got a response. Trustworthy, quick, and super professional! I recommend a thousand times
Deborah Patton
Deborah P.
13:55 12 Apr 20
I had such a wonderful experience! Thank you so much to ESADoggy! Definitely recommend, the process was quick and easy! Thank you soo much ESADoogy!
Stephanie Russick
Stephanie R.
15:36 04 Apr 20
Awesome company and experience! They really care about each of their clients and took care of everything in a timely manner. Without requesting any rush the whole process was still done within 1 week. Would definitely recommend their services.
Shayna Michel
Shayna M.
18:29 30 Mar 20
I found ESADoggy online after consulting a few other websites- none of which had a license professional in Quebec. The experience was amazing, easy and all confidential. Both Chaz and Kylie were incredibly professional and made the process pain-free and least stressful they could. I received my letter less than a week after my consultation and could not be more appreciate of their help.
Keyla Martinez
Keyla M.
16:32 29 Mar 20
As I was searching for a legitimate ESA website for a household letter, I came across so many sites but none seemed fully trustworthy. I finally came across ESADoggy in my search and I didn’t look back! By looking at their website I knew they would be extremely professional and all the great reviews they had. They made this process so easy and smooth. I completed my assessment and shortly after I received a message to schedule my appointment with a medical professional. Lissette Fundora was the specialist in my area and she was extremely professional, on time and very nice. Within 24 hours of my appointment I had received my letter!Thank you ESADoggy for the wonderful customer service! Highly recommend!
David Simmons
David S.
20:45 27 Mar 20
After searching through the numerous scam websites and bad reviews, glad I finally found a legit website. Communication was thorough and quick (within a hour or so). Dr. Bennett was really nice and professional. I highly recommend this website for your emotional support animal needs.
Audrey St pierre lagace
Audrey St pierre L.
03:56 17 Mar 20
5 stars ! thank you so much for your help and your service . I recommend 100%. this service and the professional are very gentle and very kind . they listened you and your need.
Gabrial Sprague
Gabrial S.
16:53 09 Mar 20
Amazing communication and very trustworthy and prompt! Very happy I chose them to assist me in this process
Theresa Deleon
Theresa D.
21:54 08 Mar 20
I've used ESADoggy for a little over a year now; their online application process and website order forms are easy to navigate. They are very prompt, helpful and responsive to requests, even when I need something rushed. I am glad I made the move to ESADoggy and highly recommend their service.
Renee King
Renee K.
09:55 06 Mar 20
I had a great experience with ESADoggy. The whole process was simple and stress free. Chaz explained everything and made it all happen. I can rest easy that I am able to bring my dog on my flight. Excellent service. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks ESADoggy!
Ash Wagner
Ash W.
21:52 28 Feb 20
This company is amazing they were so patient with me and always got back to me very quickly whenever i had a question or needed anything. Reassured me if i had any concerns. The whole process was quick and im incredibly happy with the service.
Daniel Kernkraut
Daniel K.
14:59 28 Feb 20
They were great
Pam Lavoie
Pam L.
19:11 27 Feb 20
I was more than pleased with the service!
Alexis Eads
Alexis E.
02:59 27 Feb 20
Honey Chambers
Honey C.
21:28 26 Feb 20
The therapist I talked to was really great and very helpful. She recommended a lot of stuff to help me. I'm very happy with my experience and would recommend them.
Sherita Wooten
Sherita W.
02:00 26 Feb 20
Chaz Stevens, Clinical Director and Carla Evans, therapist made my experience of registering my dog as a support animal stress free! When I called after completing step 1 of the process to get an update, Chaz answered and eased all of my concerns. A couple days later, I got a call from Carla and she made an anxiety inducing situation feel comfortable. I now am able to have peace of mind, knowing my support dog is able to stay by my side. The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable, I would recommend them to anyone.
felizaida tejada
felizaida T.
15:49 24 Feb 20
Meigra Jenkins
Meigra J.
19:50 22 Feb 20
I could not be happier with the service ESADoggy provided. They responded quickly to my questions and the level of professionalism is 5 star plus! I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with a reasonable accommodation request for their housing. Thank you Chaz and your entire team are my hero’s!
Jared Ortiz
Jared O.
20:12 21 Feb 20
Lee Farris
Lee F.
20:02 17 Feb 20
This is the "real deal" for legitimate ESA documentation.Real business addresses and phone numbers, real professionals and therapists to speak with over the phone, real knowledge regarding the laws and mandates for ESA and what must be included in the letters for housing and travel.Highly recommended!
Rhianna Wallen
Rhianna W.
18:16 17 Feb 20
In my opinion, ESADoggy is the one and only place to call if you’re in need of an emotional support certificate!Here’s my story:I obtained an emotional support certificate from CertaPet... My experience with them was quick and easy UNTIL my HOA requested a completed affidavit from the therapist. My therapist through CertaPet was unwilling to complete the form (which also requires a notary), so I was stuck in between a rock and a hard place. My therapist refused to complete the form and my HOA refused to process my application, as it was considered incomplete. I was so angry, upset, and confused until I found ESADoggy. ESADoggy was attentive, thorough, and gave me everything I needed in just 48 hours (yes, I paid an expedited fee). Save yourself time, money and headaches with ESADoggy.... Learn from my mistakes and just call them the first time around.